Cat Wand Toy Refills Natural Feathers Replacement Teasers, 4Pcs Different Senses Replacement Teasers Arouse Cat Desire to Hunt

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Product Description

It may be the cat’s favorite cat wand!

60-inch full-range hunting distance, impact of human control and restoring the original hunting scene.

Four kinds of teasers for different senses of cats, all-round activation of the cat’s natural hunting instincts

Let cats unleash the hunting instincts, enjoy the funny of hunting

The uahpet cat wand is a good interactive toy for cats of all ages

60inch Safe Hunting Distance Cat Toy for Indoor Cats

According to cat behavior research, cats have a visual range of 47 inches for hunting. The uahpet cat wand allows you to tease your cat from a safe distance, preventing your cat from mistaking you for prey. It will not develop the undesirable habit of cats biting their hands, play with the cat at ease.

  • Hovering bird*1
  • Light Dragonfly*1
  • Natural cocoon*1
  • Tricolor butterfly*1

Natural Cat Feather Toy Set

Safe for you and your pets to use

The rod made of natural carbon fiber and has not been colored.

Four teasers made of natural feather, cocoon and plastic, all feathers are treated with special processes such as high temperature.

Safe and non-toxic, can be licked, please feel free to use.

Noted: there may be creases or tears in the feathers during transportation, but this does not affect use.

All Teasers Made of Natural Materials, Can be Purchased Repeatable

SENSE-Hovering Bird

Swing space at 80-120 inches of vertical space

Like a bird flying high in the air, sometimes flying and sometimes landing

Made of natural feathers

Let cats enjoy the touch of catching natural prey

HEARING-Light Dragonfly

Swinging space in 20-80 inches of vertical space

Swinging process is like a dragonfly through the jungle

Making a wing-swinging sound to attract cats to follow

Stimulate cats’ hunting interest


HEARING-Light Dragonfly

Swing space of 20-40 inches of vertical space.

It is made of natural cocoons and feathers, full of natural prey scent

Adopting a low-flying condition, which makes it easier for cats to smell natural prey and stimulate the desire to hunt through scent


VISION-Tricolor butterfly

Swing space in the vertical space of 40-120 inches

Simulates the trajectory of a butterfly weaving and flying through the flowers, sometimes flying, sometimes stopping

Stimulates the cat’s desire to hunt through strong visual impact

Hovering Hird

Light Dragonfly


Natural Cocoon


Tricolor butterfly


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