Interactive Cat Ball Toy,Motion Activated Automatic Moving Ball Toy with Long Tail Teaser/Simulation Bird Sound/USB Rechargeable Cat Toys Self Play


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Product Description

automatic cat ball toy

umosis interactive cat rolling ball,

Long teasing tail spins with the ball moving, simulating animal tails to wake up and stimulate cats to hunt, keep your cats exercise while you’re busy/out.

umosis interactive cat rolling ball, automatic cat toy,cat ball toy with swing long tails, irregular moving rolling

cat ball toy

Why do you need a stimulating cat toy for your furry baby?

Cats are hunters. Playing with the intercative cat toy will bring out his hunting instincts,and also relieve boredom,get some exercise for indoor cats.

What can umosis self rolling ball cat toy do for you?

umosis cat ball toy is a great exercise for your cats, awake instincts, pounce, chase and hunt the moving ball.Enjoy fun time and be a playmate to your cat.

Features of automatic ball cat toy

  1. swing tail + rolling ball + bird sound attract cats to chase
  2. fast,slow mode to choose,works well on thin carpet/ floors
  3. motion activated mode,start the funny time by pat/touch
  4. auto works for 5 mins then standby
  5. rechargeable,small size
rolling ball

Realistic bird sound

Chirping bird sound catch your cat attention with enterainment.Chirping cat toy,kitten toys for indoor cats self play

How to turn off the birds sound?

Quickly press the button twice at any working mode, turn on/off the bird sound

Rechargeable active cat toys,easy to install tail and start the funny time

rechargeable cat toy high energy

How to make the interactive cat toy work?

1) Connect the long tail with the ball

2) Switch the mode suit for your cat

  • Hold the button for 4 seconds, blue light on,ball toy moving/rolling in fast speed. Great for high energy/adult cat
  • Short press button,purple light,change to slow mode. Small kitten or timid cat would be better
  • Short press button,yellow light on,interactive mode.Only start by motion touch

3) Long press the button to power off

Cat chase toys for playful cats. Put in the tunnel/box/bags, the reality bird sound attracts cats to seek and chase, making great fun for your cats

interactive cat toy

Some Q&A with umosis cat ball:

How do I know the ball needs to charge?

  • The cat ball has LED light, different light color shows different status. While the ball is in low power or in charge,it will flash red light. When fully charged,the red light is always on.

My cat ball didn’t work or turn on when I first use it,what should I do?

  1. The cat ball needs a long press for 4 seconds to power on, please try long pressing the button until the blue light is on, and the toy will start working.
  2. If there’s no light on after long pressing, it may be out of power. Please charge it for about 2 hrs until the red light is always on(fully charged) . and then power on the toy.
indoor cat toy
high enery cat toy

Package include

1 X cat ball toy

2 X long tails

1 X USB type C cable

1 X User manual

Will the electric cat toy auto-start?

  • Yes, this indoor cat toy has a timer, while in standby mode, it will auto-start the game for 1 minute every 1 hour to catch the cat’s attention to play with.

How long take it to charge?

  • Usually, the ball is fully charged in 2 hrs and keeps the red light on.The red light will flash red at low power or in charge.


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